Welcome to my all about being Korean/Irish/Scottish/American blog

This is my first blog ever and I’m feeling very excited and a little nervous. But I’m a writer and what better way to get my word out to others.

I’m so glad the world is evolving and that multiculturalism is often celebrated today, not condemned, as it so often was when I was a child. I have two boys ages 8 and 10 and my husband and I lovingly refer to their ethnicity as Korwegian. My husband is made of original Viking stock, he’s Norwegian, though rumor has it there may be some Swedish blood cursing through his veins (he’d never admit to that though). I am the first non-Nordic member of his family and they have embraced my diversity. At age 35, when I was pregnant and my husband and I underwent genetic counseling, we were asked if we might somehow be related. He told the geneticist that since I am half Scottish/Irish that there was a possibility that some of my UK ancestors may actually be descendants of the randy explorers of Scandinavia. Gives you an idea of what I live with on a day to day basis. Bad humor is better than no humor I ‘spouse.

From where I sit and stand, mixing it up is all good. Don’t get me wrong, I am still mesmerized by the tall, fair, square-jawed gods and goddesses that inhabit his native land, but as a kid from a hodgepodge gene pool, it’s nice to see other people with eclectic  features in the world too.

I am grateful that my boys don’t have to worry about being beaten up on the way home from school by the children of white supremacists, or feel humiliated after being called a rash of derogatory Asian slang names. Through my blog I’ll be exploring the issues that surround being multi-ethnic in modern day America and taking a look back to relive the  joys and challenges of living a mixed cultural inheritance. I’ll also be writing about my  my continuous learning when it comes to the mystical world of Korean spiritualism and my new adventures in Korean cooking and eating! With a few Irish/Scottish/American twists.

Please continue to check in on me and watch as my blog unfolds. Your constructive suggestions and overall comments are always welcome.

Many kindnesses and good wishes!



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